While we like to  think we have some pretty good intuition and know our clients well, we have far from perfected the art of mind reading. Who you are and what your brand is doing is in a constant state of change. What you needed for one project may no longer work for the next. 

This form helps us to get a better picture of what may or may not be in your head for this new project. Taking the time to fill out this project brief will allow us to perfect a finished product not only sooner, but better and fit all the current needs of your brand.

You may or may not have an answer to each question, and that's totally okay. Be as brief or detailed as you feel is needed.

We can't wait to get to work on another project together!

Name *
The Project
What do you need help creating? What's the medium that this project will be created for — print, digital, web, etc? Are there multiple deliverables? Does the final deliverable need to be editable on your end?
Why are we making this? What purpose will it serve?
Who is the audience that will be interacting with this project?
Are there any more details that you have in mind that you want to share with us? This is an area for you to share your vision for the visuals or give any imperative info the other questions didn't address. For example — Are there specific brand colors you want to use or avoid? Any imagery you feel is necessary for this job?
Is this project heavily driven by content? Is the content ready to go?
We can't promise that you'll get everything you want within your desired timeline, but we'll do our best and let you know what is possible.
We can't promise that you'll get everything you want in your budget, but we will give you options and choices based on this goal.
Additional Notes
For example — Was there a past project where we did something you didn't love that you want us to note moving into future projects?