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What can you expect from Inbox Workshop? 

Inbox Workshop isn't your typical newsletter.  Each month we'll focus on a topic that will help you to implement your brand in real life. We'll use video, workbooks, and an exclusive chat portal to help you take action — think of it like a mini workshop in your inbox! 

Why are we starting Inbox Workshop? 

What happens when you're done working with a designer? What happens if you can't afford to pay for a designer to be on your team all the time? We won't be teaching you how to design, but we will be teaching you how to take what a designer has given you and to use design + strategy methods to carry on your branding solo.

When can you expect to see Inbox Workshop in your email?

We'll be sending out the newsletter once a month. And they'll almost always hit your inbox on the last Thursday of the month. 

Why only once a month? For one, your inbox is probably already full of newsletters. We don't want to add to the overwhelm or be added to your un.roll me! We want to provide super valuable content. But more importantly, we want to give you the time to digest the content, do the exercises, ask questions, and put it to use. Because how often are you really doing that?