In fact, you probably spend a little too much time working. You believe in doing what you love and you’re doing it! Or at the very least, you're beginning to. But you’re in need of some help with how your brand’s overall direction, look and feel. Plus, you wouldn’t mind having someone there to cheer you on and challenge you.

We’re here to do what we love by helping you create something that gives you confidence, turns heads, and above all attracts your audience so you can continue your love story.


We are Kristin Stäzrad and Lindsay Hirani, the creative team behind Four Oh Seven. By combining our creative powers, we want to help you better share and sell what you’re best at.

Born in late 2014 — Four Oh Seven was founded because of our belief in the power of collaboration — as friends, business partners, and creators.  By working on projects together, our ideas are pushed further, the final product is better, and things are just a whole lot more fun. 

Why the name Four Oh Seven? We met at the University of Missouri as random roommates back in 2009. We soon realized we had bought the exact same Anthropologie quilts for our dorm room beds and have been a dream team ever since. 

Four Oh Seven pays homage to our college apartment. This is where our creative journey truly began, as we studied brand strategy and art direction. And now, our home lives on (minus the four flights of stairs to the door, thank goodness). 


Our services are hands-on, personalized, and a true partnership between us and you. Together we'll dig deep to uncover + grow your brand.

Step 1: Blueprint 
We start every project by listening to you and your unique story. We'll ask you some questions. You'll ask us some questions. We'll make sure we all get along before getting in too deep.

Step 2: Framework  
Once we've chatted and learned your story, goals, and ideas, we'll respond with a proposal tailored to your needs, which includes all deliverables, prices and deadlines.

Step 3: Construction
Excitedly, we get to work. This looks different from project to project, but we’ll always start with an empty slate. You'll have a little homework providing us with feedback every step of the way.

Step 4: Welcome Home! 
It's time to put what we created together out into the world. We'll be there for support and to cheer you on.

If you want to explore how we can work together,  visit our what we do page for all the nitty gritty details.


Location: St. Louis, MO
Branding Experience: Six years and counting
Education: Strategic Communication + Business

On the professional side, I have a degree in strategic communications with an emphasis in art direction (which is a fancy way of saying I know the importance of strong strategy paired with good design). My favorite thing about doing what I do is the close connections I grow with clients. Together we discover new possibilities and get to dream big. 

When the Adobe Creative Suite isn't open, you’ll find me scouring the Airbnb site for the most amazing homes around the world and then trying to dream up a plan to get to them. You can also find me hammocking with my husband and our two cats, Peppers and Penny.

A few of my favorite things...
Drink: Black coffee by day, red wine by night
Podcast: Design Matters with Debbie Millman
Movie: The  Grand Budapest Hotel
Color: White
Biz tool: Notion


Location: Dallas, TX
Branding Experience: Five years and counting
Education: Strategic communication + business

After Kristin and I graduated, I ran back to the warm Texas weather and my family as quickly as I could! Since then, I have worked as an art director at three different advertising agencies in the Dallas area. Agency life has taught me about the importance of good relationships. Not only with your team members, but especially with your clients. I love working with clients that aren’t afraid to tackle their projects as more than the typical client-designer pair, but as partners.

When I’m not designing? You can find me listening to Harry Potter audiobooks, enjoying a glass of wine, or cuddling up with my pugs, Sofia and Baxter.

A few of my favorite things...
Book: Harry Potter
Podcast: Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
TV Show: Crazy Ex Girlfriend
Drink: All the wines
Biz Tool: Dropbox


I loved all the options that were available to me. It wasn't 'here's what we came up with. do you like it?'. There were so many little pieces that were broken up. And the questions that were asked when a new part of the design was shown were so on point and unlike anything I would have asked myself when working on the site on my own.  - Bri, SImply Savvy

From start to finish it has been so easy. And let's be honest how many people launching a website can say its ever been e-a-s-y. FOUR OH SEVEN are task driven designers that supply great ideas along the way to bring the project to life.  - Lauren, Event House